Software that mines bitcoins. In Seconds.

Desktop software that combines different algorithms for mining crypto-currencies and allowing transactions between them.

About Bitcoin mining

  1. Decentralization: Bitcoin mining helps to maintain the decentralized nature of the Bitcoin network by ensuring that no single entity has control over the network.

  2. Security: Mining helps to secure the Bitcoin network by verifying transactions and adding them to the blockchain.

  3. Rewards: Miners are incentivized with newly minted bitcoins as a reward for their efforts in verifying transactions and maintaining the network.

  4. Liquidity: Bitcoin mining can provide a source of income and liquidity for individuals and organizations.

  5. Investment opportunity: Bitcoin mining can be viewed as a long-term investment, as the value of bitcoins has historically been appreciating.

  6. Energy consumption: Bitcoin mining can also be seen as an opportunity to support renewable energy generation by using renewable energy sources for mining operations.

Fast BTC miner PRO

With one button your can start mining bitcoins! Easy bitcoin address setup. Every 1 minute you can withdraw up to 180 satoshi mined bitcoins. No fees! Get massive hashing power for mining Bitcoin from your own pc with our unique algorithm. Approximately after 1 month you mining up to 0.08 BTC.

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Software that mines bitcoins

With regular payouts, great support, high security, system stability and by delivering massive amounts of hashing power, BTC-Miner has rapidly developed into a well-known brand among cryptocurrency miners. BTC-Miner also serves as a backbone network and it plays an important role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem by indirectly providing new coin creation and transaction validation on several different blockchains.

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EASY ONY CLICK Miner – it never been so easy before to mine bitcoins with your own computer!


No fees! No any hidden fee!


Monthly Statistics

Total users: 122,212
Total mined: 51,50 BTC
Downloads: 49,350
Last 30 days: 23,151
Since from: 05/2014

News & Updates

01/01/2024 – Website update v5.8
10/12/2018 – Server fixed
24/11/2018 – MA updated
10/11/2018 – Links fixed “Bitcoin”
26/10/2018 – Links fixed “Contact”

Top Miners

Tobias Crown: 6,5225 BTC
Candy Monroe: 5,4951 BTC
Martha T. Reza: 5,4538 BTC
Darlene Farr: 4,4451 BTC
Debbie Rutledge: 3,3987 BTC